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In this series I will show how to get rid with one of the Java EE Application Server era myths: High Availability.

During the hegemony run of Java EE container, often we developers are “protected” from the distributed system concerns  by these large pieces of enterprise middleware wonders known as containers.

I don’t consider a flaw per se in Java EE, but perhaps a necessary step in abstraction progress that worked well for a certain time in history that we are, gradually, depending on the shop, leaving behind us.

Today with virtualization and containerization tech, microservices, devops engineering techniques and  commodity linux tooling we can implement HA in a more self evident  and flexible way. We’ll  how to achieve HA with these “alternative” stack  in  the following posts:

Part 1 – Coding the infrastructure for Spring Boot Microservices with Ansible and Vagrant

Part 2 – Provisioning Spring Boot Microservices as Debian Package with Ansible and Netflix Nebula OS Package

Part 3 – Load Balancing Spring Boot Microservices with HAProxy

Part 4 – Adding Fault Tolerance to Spring Boot Microservices with VIPs and Keepalived

Part 5 – Isolating Spring Boot Microservices with Docker

Part 6 – Managing Spring Boot Microservices Clusters with Docker Swarm

See you in the first installment.

Update (2016-05-13):

Just included a new Part 2. Simply debian packaging topic grew too much.