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After an almost two-year hiatus. I’ve decided to start a new blog.

I won’t  post anymore in my former blogspot’s blog: (in Portuguese).  Due personal matter problems, I couldn’t resume  in a reasonable time my blogging activities, which resulted in a rapid erosion and then a final lack of interest in resume it. So I’ve decided to cease it, take a deep breath and start this new endeavor in a new home.

Obviously, some things that I’ve intended those days has changed, once that I have some new projects now. They comprehends hard and soft skills, some business and computer science topics yet, but not necessarily that “old” ones.

My interests by now are take a time from Java EE,  and explore new paradigms, new civilizations (ok, I’ll let this for Spock Prime,  but you know, it’s hard to stop the stream). Uhhh, resetting … I intend to take my head from Java in favor of a broader horizon, like Erlang, Scala, Software Engineering, some business and some soft skills for dealing with Software Architecture and whatever roars and gnashing of teeth that could be in my disturbed mind.

Besides that I’ll write about some humanities matters too in a counterpart of this blog Ragnarokkrr – The Quickening.  At last, back to the computer science craft, in this meantime I’ve became a college teacher, so I’ll write about some academic matters regarding algorithms and  didactic method in courses that I teach. I don’t know yet if I will write it there or I will create a specific blog.

So… see ya, now it’s time to tame this wordpress thing.

UPDATE! (02-24-2011)

Some more personal,  frequent and raw material I’ll post in my tumblr blog Nilseu Padilha’s Ragnarokkrr.